Leading transparent caching solution for ISPs

CacheMARA is the transparent caching solution used by hundreds of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide. It is based on more than 10 years of German based engineering. More than 10 years of technological innovation.

Find out about the reasons for the unparalleled performance of CacheMARA appliances:


  • Best bandwidth savings
  • Highest byte-hit ratio and bandwidth gain
  • Supporting caching of objects with dynamic URLs and changing content
  • Transparent Caching following legal requirements


  • Guaranteed client throughput numbers
  • Highest performance of a single appliance on the market
  • Even higher performance when using clustering:
    • Example: cluster with 10 x XXL results in 60 Gbps total client throughput
  • Highest performance density on the market
  • Accelerates small and large objects all in one appliance (no need of multiple devices)


  • Highest cache storage capacity per single appliance
    • Single XXL unit with up to 72 TB storage
  • Even higher cache storage capacity when using clustering:
    • Example: cluster with 10 x XXL results in 720 TB shared cache storage
    • no need for expensive SAN or iSCSI storage solutions


  • Seven different sizes to fit several scenarios from XXS (66 Mbps) to XXL (6 Gbps)
  • Clustering support for large scenarios
  • Support for caching of multiple services included (HTTP, FTP, P2P, Streaming Content, ...)
  • available as software appliance to install on your own server or hardware appliance including hardware


  • Outstanding detailed reporting and monitoring features
  • Innovative WebGUI
  • No separate Management Console needed. All features included