An integral perimeter solution for all your firewall, VPN and caching needs

BorderMARA is an integrated appliance that combines the functions of GateMARA and WebMARA. BorderMARA reduces your costs for network security implementation, simplifies administration routines and minimizes points of failure. Via a single entry point, your network administrator will be able to manage all users' Internet access rights and define complete access policies for them.

BorderMARA is an AAA-enabled system, which authenticates, authorizes and accounts for all Internet access.

High-performance Firewall

The firewall module used in BorderMARA, has a unique structure that enables it to work at a much faster speed than conventional firewalls. Its simplicity and efficiency is unmatched by any other firewalls on the market today, and it makes life a good deal easier for system administrators. Learn more...

HTTP Proxy

BorderMARA's cache proxy helps you to save precious bandwidth by caching frequently accessed web pages locally, thus reducing the number of requests made on the Internet. This lowers traffic cost and optimizes the Internet access speed on each user's computer. Besides speeding up web browsing, BorderMARA also offers a user authentication feature, which compares users' login information with an external user database. This user authentication function, together with BorderMARA's Internet content filtering feature, helps to identify the kind of content individual users access on the Internet and eventually block it. The content filtering module is optional and is provided through a comprehensive content classification database on the Internet. Content filtering protects employees and organizations from Internet misuse and abuse, improves productivity, reduce legal liability and conserve Internet bandwidth.

To start saving unwanted costs, maximize performance, improve productivity, reduce legal risks and ensure airtight security for your company network, choose BorderMARA today.